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Where we believe good financials are the foundation for continued success.

Who We Are

Small firm providing big firm solutions to help your business grow.

What We Do

We position your business for growth by creating a strong financial foundation and building systems that align with your business goals.

What We Think

Your business matters. Whether you aspire to be a large business or want to remain small. Every business deserves to reach their full potential.

What You Need

A business partner that will take your goals and make them a reality by implementing our proprietary 4-tier program.


Foundational services found in our proprietary 4-Tier program. 


A customized solution based on a comprehensive analysis of your business operations.  As this is the most important step in any financial relationship, we take the time to build your systems to match your business goals.

Financial Analysis

Based on data sourced from bookkeeping, we build customized financial reports and dashboards to give your business the insights it needs to make real-time decisions.

Tech Integration

A customized solution based on a comprehensive analysis of your business operations.  The selection of the right technology is essential to data output.  We work with IT specialists to ensure all systems are a fit.


We take a quality assurance approach to keep your financial systems up-to-date and working effectively.


  • Training

    Customized training for all your staff to ensure cohesion across your organization.

  • Vendor Management

    The process of streamlining your payables process as well as negotiating optimal pay terms and pricing.

  • Fleet Analysis

    The process of analyzing the profitability of your fleet.

  • Payroll

    Getting your employees paid on time, everytime.  Creating optimal efficiency with a customized payroll build that takes into account specific KPIs.  Evaluate pay rates and benefits.

  • Budgeting

    Created in conjunction with current income & spending trends and future goals.

  • Inventory Management

    The process of creating an organized, barcode inventory system that provides transparency.  Purchase order management and periodic quality control.


The process of cleaning up your financials while plugging any leaks.

  • Bookkeeping

  • Process Analysis & Creation

  • Financial Reporting


The process of building your business model for growth and sustainability.

  • Tech Integration

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Cashflow Management


The process of securing large volume revenue.

  • Price Modeling

  • Contract Acquisition

  • Employee expansion


The process of continually meeting the business demands of the present without negatively affecting the business future.

  • CFO


Standard features that accompanies ALL services. 


We don't like to toot our own horn, so we will let our clients do it for us.

Teresa has consulted for Pioneer Natural Resources on a couple different Accounts Payable assignments now. She never ceases to amaze me on her ability to hit the ground running. Her aptitude paired with her experience and big picture mindset helped us pinpoint root cause issues, so we were able to focus on resolving and preventing rather than patching over the problems. She learned our reporting software and quickly became our expert – helping us to create functional workable reporting and clearing up any variances from our source data. She also was a great help in preparing procedures, establishing best practices, and creating training documents. If you have the pleasure of working with “T”, you will not be disappointed - her passion is admirable, and her go-getter attitude is bar none.

Bobbi R.
Accounting Supervisor, Pioneer Natural Resources

I had a consultation with Ms. Oliver of Millennial Bookkeeping, and I must say she was very informative. She counseled me on basic adjustments that could mean a world of a difference to my paycheck. Such how many when claiming dependents, appropriate health plan selection, 401k Contributions, and all around budgeting. TWO THUMBS UP to this service.

Taiwan M.
Individual Tax Payer

Gave me all the tools to get me started and took the time to explain every aspect of the system to ensure my success. I recommended her very highly for every level of business.​

Crystal B.


I recently started a new business and choosing to hire Millennial Bookkeeping & Advisory Services was one of my best decisions that I've made so far. She jumped right in and knew exactly what systems were needed for my business to run efficiently, and helped me be profitable right from the start. If you want someone that is professional, goes above and beyond and truly cares about the success of your business then I highly recommend Millennial Bookkeeping & Advisory Services.

Kim Lee T.

Founder, Kim Lee Living Life Out Loud


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Our prices are dependent on multiple factors; this is why we have a consultation first to determine your business needs. 

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